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    The pleasure of an excellent beer,
    enjoyed while reading a comic book

    The best of beer and creativity meet in a single idea!

    Double the pleasure, double the happiness!
    Why settle for just a beer or just a comic book?
    Treat yourself to a unique and original experience. Try our Comic Beer and discover – or rediscover – your true passions!
    Say goodbye to uninspired gifts: be surprising and original!
    Enough with the usual bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates: what obsolete present ideas!
    Choose Comic Beer and be inspirational with a truly original gift!
    Relaxation of the highest quality
    Not one, not two but THREE beers to choose from: all absolutely exceptional, all completely handmade, all beautifully illustrated: what more could you want from a beer?
    To face the most challenging moments
    Because sometimes, when you’ve had a bad day, a beer is not enough: you also need a comic to read while sipping it. The combination helps take your mind off things.
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    Three stories by Alberto Madrigal for three beers

    Choose according to your taste or your mood... or better yet, don’t choose: try all three!

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    Laugh as you recognise the dilemmas facing all couples. This comic strip is paired with a light beer inspired by the tradition of unfiltered German Weisse (ALC 4,5% vol.), With classic aromas of wheat and sweet fruit, it has a creamy, white head and an opalescent straw yellow colour.
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    The epic quest for a solution for chronic migraines – this title is matched with a blonde Saison-style beer (ALC 6.5% vol.) It has an abundant head, sparkling bubbles, and a fruity and floral bouquet with hints of slightly tart wet hay.
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    A poignant reflection on a writer’s crisis, paired with an amber-coloured Irish Red Ale (ALC 5.7% vol.), it has a white, compact foam, surprising notes of milk chocolate and an aroma of roasted malt with a touch of hazelnut.

    The best of beer

    The quality of craft beer: it’s no joke

    We want you to have as much fun as we do, but the one thing we don’t joke about is the quality of our beers: this is why we have selected three strictly artisanal products of the highest distinction.
    They are really special beers, produced by a truly niche brewery. We guarantee you will be surprised and delighted: we invite you to discover these craft beers!

    A special idea …

    ... and a unique design!

    Comic Beer is an idea that has been conceived and developed by
    REVERSE INNOVATION: the challenge has been to create a truly unique and original product, combining comics and beer in a single entity to create a new way of consuming, an unprecedented moment of pleasure.
    REVERSE INNOVATION is an agency specialized in the conception and development of innovative packaging and branding ideas: continuous experimentation and study are at the heart of our business!

    How to serve your Comic Beer!

    Before uncorking and reading, please check the temperature is OK.

    To enjoy these fantastic beers at their best, it’s important to make sure they are nice and cool. Chill in the refrigerator until the products reach the correct temperature. Don’t worry about the label: this is what it’s designed for.
    The only thing we suggest you should avoid is immersing them in water as this can damage the inside pages of the label.

    Are you a comic book author?

    Fantastic! We want to work with you!

    We are looking for brilliant, innovative, ironic, funny, exceptional authors with a really sparkling personality whose work can go hand in hand with our superlative beers!
    If you are interested in participating in the project, contact us by sending a preview of your work in PDF format!

    Are you a merchant or bar owner?

    If you manage a shop, bar or restaurant and you would like to be able to sell our products directly, contact us here!

    What they’re saying about Comic Beer

    Read a selection of the truly incredible reviews we have received!

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    This beer is really unbelievable: it showed me the stars! And the comics are totally out of the world! Trust me, I know about these things: I’ve had a lot of experience…

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    This idea is brilliant. In fact, it’s so brilliant I wish I’d had it… grrr! Oh, well, consider yourself lucky to be born in the right century: at least you can taste Comic Beer as you please.

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    As a gift idea, it is really is the best: I got Comic Beer for all the elves in my workshop at the North Pole, as well as for the reindeer! Unfortunately, I’m worried that they’re all just sitting round drinking beer and reading comics now: no-one’s doing any work…

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